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News - October


Meeting of Creole students
Additional meeting of Creole students will take place in a study room next to departmental library. It will be held on Thursday, October 23rd 2008, at 2pm.


Lectures in English
Selection of lectures for foreign students taking place in English at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology in 2008/09.


International poety competition for students

Voluntary Association ”Poetry and Solidarity” (Trieste Italy) promotes under the patronage of CEI Commission the V Edition of the international Poetry Competition “Castello di Duino”.
- The Competition is open to young people under 30 years of age.
Participation is free.
- Poems will be accepted in the mother tongue of the authors. The jury is composed by poets and literary experts with different linguistic competences. The poems will be evaluated as much as possible in the mother tongue of the authors.
- 3 prizes of €500 each will be awarded the winners. Various minor prizes to the noteworthy poets. The poems of the winners and a selection of the best poems will be published by the publishing House “IBISKOS Editrice  Risolo” in Italian and English version and recorded on CD in their original Languages. (the proceeds of the sales will be devoted to humanitarian scopes).
More than 3000 young people from 90 countries participated in the previous 4 editions of the competition. On this background  the First World-Youth Forum on the theme “Right to Dialogue” (funded by CEI ) took place in Trieste on September 27-28th.
Therefore we heartily please you  to spread the announcement of the competion (attached) in your university.
We thank you very much for your helping in the interest of Poetry and we hope to read many poems from your country!
Best regards
Gabriella Valera Gruber (Prof. University of Trieste)
Information, rules and application form for the competition:
www.castellodiduinopoesia.it (translated into 22 languages)
Prof. Gabriella Valera Gruber: valera@units.it
Via Matteotti 21- 34138 Trieste Italy- Tel. +39040638787



DAAD Scholarship

I would like to remind you that the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) is also this year offering different grant and scholarship programmes for funding an academic stay in Germany.

Deadline for most programmes in the academic year 2009/10 will be already November 15, 2008.

The programmes that are most interesting are:
- Grants for university summer schools in 2009 (4 weeks in summer, for students starting from 2. year)
- Grants for graduate students for gaining an Master degree in Germany (2 semesters, or 4 semesters)
- Research grants for Ph.D. students for a research stay in Germany (1-10 months)
- Research stays for academic teachers and scientists
- Programmes for artists

For further information, please, contact me (Daniel Holl "German lektor"  at FF UL), da.holl@web.de or see the webpage of DAAD www.daad.de.
We are also at the German stand at studentska arena, october 14-16, at Gospodarsko razstavišče. A special presentation of the possibilities for studying, research and funding in Germany will be at arena on Tuesday oct 14, 2:30 p.m.

Daniel Holl



Cancellation of prof. Mursic´s office hours
Due to his other obligations, prof. Mursic will not be present at his office-hours on Tuesday, October 14, at 18.00.


Joint Israeli – Palestinian Summer Programme on: Political Science and Middle East Studies
It is my pleasure to announce the official opening of registration to the Galillee College 2009 summer programmes (July 1st – August 4th ), http://www.galilcol.ac.il/page.asp?id=17 .
On August 5th we concluded the third Galillee College summer programme. We had 30 participants interested in learning about the complicities and possibilities of the region. I know that we managed to sharpen and deepen their understanding and they left with far more knowledge about the ME in general and the roots and present situation of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in particular.
NEVERTHELESS, we are constantly revising the programme to be even better, and have taken into consideration some of the important issues that were brought up in the concluding evaluation session, such as devoting more time for feelings; the young men and women experienced here situations that needed to be professionally addressed. As well as the knowledge, sights, voices and opinions, this course provided them with an emotional aspect that at times can be overwhelming.  This summer we had one group process meeting that was very good but because of the need expressed by the participants, we have decided that next year there will be three such meetings during the five weeks programme that will allow the participants to discuss the emotional aspects. With a Certified Group Facilitator they will have an opportunity to talk about their feelings in a free manner, to discuss some of the conflicts this course brings up in each of them and to give them an opportunity to listen to other group members.
Another thing that was brought up and will be handled differently in the next summer programme is that the tours were too “touristy” and didn´t have the right perspective for political science and ME studies students and professionals. Next year we will be looking for the right people to deliver the tours with the right perspective.
Students and faculty who are interested in the next year´s summer programmes should contact the Programme Director – Ms. Shoshi Norman e-mail: snorman@galilcol.ac.il 
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Mahmoud Yazbak - Academic Director


Lectures for Foreign Students in 2020/21


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