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Information for Creole students

Students must finish with their exam obligations till the end of September 2010. Inscriptions in the new study year will be held till October 8, 2010. You will get the information about the inscription from the Office for postgraduate studies by email in the second half of August 2010. The invoices for inscription or tuition will be send to your home address.

Students that are going abroad should contact the lecturers about passing exams in September 2010. It is very important that you get all the grades inscribed in both of your indexes (paper and electronic). The inscription in the next study year will be arranged in the following manner:
- when you will pass all the exams and get them inscribed in both indexes, you will come to the departmental secretary office, so that we can test your index
- if you are aboard you must authorize someone to do that for you
- when the index is tested, I will open the inscription list in VIS system and you will make an electronic application in the next study year

Those who will fail to collect 60 ECTS have the following options:
- if you collect at least 54 ECTS you can send an application to the Faculty in order to get conditional inscription in the second study year
- if you get at least 42 ECTS you can repeat first year of study (and still get students status) – you must come to the departmental secretary office so that I can test your index
- if you fail to collect minimum of 42 ECTS points, you will have to pause one year (and won´t have student status)

It is necessary to have student’s status (first or repeat inscription) to go on Erasmus exchange.


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