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News - April


Cancelation of lectures
The prof. Paul van der Grijp´s lectures are cancelled due to trouble in the air traffic. The new dates will be announced as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding. Mojca Bele


Dear foreign students attending Anthropology of tourism with prof. Nogues.

On Friday, 16 April 2010 we are organising an excursion to Piran - a Slovenian coastal town. You should confirm your participation with dr. Joze Hudales (in cc.) at the latest on Wednesday. Also you should cover the bus fare of 8 EUR with dr. Hudales. He is available on Wednesday 8:00-9:30 or 11:10-13:00, 3rd floor.
Best greetings, Jaka


Office hours

We inform our students that office hours of the department will be canceled on the following dates due to the annual leave and holidays :
- Tuesday, 20th of April 2010
- Wednesday, 21th of April 2010
- Thursday, 22th of April 2010
- Monday, 26th of April 2010
- Tuesday, 27th of April 2010
- Wednesday, 28th of April 2010
- Thursday, 29th of April 2010
- Friday, 30th of April 2010.


Lecturer exchange with partner universities (Creole programme)

In April and May 2010 lectures of visiting professors from partner universities will be organised for students of Creole programme. Lectures will be held in English and will take place at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. The lectures are obligatory part of Creole programme (5 ECTS).

All other students are also welcome to attend.

April 2010
Prof. Paul van der Grijp (Université Lumière - Lyon 2): Anthropology of Art
Topics presented:
- art, artefacts, material culture (discussing definitions and fields of application);
- representations of exoticism in art;
- multiple motivations of private collectors;
- relations between private collectors and public museums;
- a history (and anthropology) of museums / the institutionalization of cultural patrimonium.

Monday 19 April from 14:40-16:20 (2 hrs), lecture room P1
Wednesday 21 April 14:40-18:00 (4 hrs), lecture room P1
Thursday 22 April 9:40-13:00 (4 hrs), lecture room P1

Maj 2010
Dr. Gabriele Weichart (University of Vienna): The Social and Cultural Significance of Aboriginal Art

Tuesday, 25.5.2010, 10.30-12.55, lecture room P3 (3 hours)
Wednesday 26.5.2010, 9.40-12.55, lecture room P1 (4 hours)
Thursday, 27.5.2010, 11.20-14.35, lecture room P2 (4 ho


Lectures for foreign students, 2010/2011

Foreign students are welcome to attend lectures at our department. Generally there are two options:
1. Attending regular lectures (in Slovene) combined with individual consultations.
2. Attending additional lectures, organized in English. As these lectures are additional and part of the Creole program, there may be some limitations in available places.

Available lectures organized in English
First semester:

1. Anthropology of Complex Systems
, prof. dr. Muršič/Podjed (3 ECTS)
Course description:
In last decade networks and complexity became “buzzwords” not only in natural sciences but also in social sciences – including anthropology. A seminar in Anthropology of Complex Systems will present these terms through an analysis of contemporary phenomena, established by means of information and communications technology. Lectures and individual work of students will be focused on anthropological aspects of “on-line” social networks (e.g. Facebook and MySpace), virtual worlds (e.g. Second Life and World of Warcraft) and other similar complex “on-line” and “off-line” social systems. The seminar will attempt to explain why are people actually willing to participate and cooperate in such systems and what are their trust, mutuality and cooperation based on.
Exam: written essay in English.
Timetable: Mondays 14:40-16:20, Rm: P4.
Limitation: 10 foreign students.

2. Anthropology of the Mediterranean, prof. dr. Baskar (6 ECTS)
Course description:
The course provides understanding of cultural realities and social processes in contemporary Mediterranean area. The main themes within the course include: anthropological concepts of Mediterranean, political practices and social structures in the area, kinship systems, religious practices, perception of space and place in Mediterranean, concepts of cultural borders, reinvention of Mediterranean identities etc.
Exam: written essay in English.
Timetable: Tuesday 11:20-14:40, Rm: P4.

3. Current Museology, dr. Hudales (5 ECTS)
Course description:
The main scopes of the course are to deepen knowledge of students about roles of museums in the past and above all in present and future, to develop thorough knowledge of museum theory and practice and students capability to identify problems and analyze the trends in museum work and practice - especially of museum preservation and museum communication.
Exam: written essay in English.
Timetable: Wednesday 8:00-11:20, Rm: P3.

4. Anthropology of Popular Music, prof. dr. Muršič (5 ECTS)
Course description:
The course introduces popular music as one of the most exciting areas of current anthropological research. It presents the history of popular music and its basic concepts, beginning with its relationship to traditional or folk music. It gives a special accent to ethnographic studies of popular music since the late forties and to crossroads between traditional and modern popular music. It discusses similarities and differences in popular music around the globe through genre, social meaning and functioning, production and reproduction, mass media, celebrities and cults, fandom and censorship, conservation and avant-garde.
Exam: written essay in English.
Timetable: Thursday 13:00-16:20, Rm: P2

Second semester:

1. Urban and Transnational Anthropology
, dr. Repič (5 ECTS)
Course description:
The course focuses on complex urban phenomena as well as contemporary migration processes and trans-national cultural flows. The content of the course ranges from an overview of the establishment of urban anthropology and its methodological specificities, prevalent topics in contemporary urban anthropology, methodology of urban and trans-national research, overview of migration theories and paradigms to topics such as a relevance of ethnicity, nationalism and culturalism in urban space in the context of trans-national cultural flows and migrations, citizenship, migration politics and (multi)culturalism.
Exam: written essay in English.
Timetable: Wednesday 13:00-14:40
Limitation: 20 students

2. Popular Cultures, prof. dr. Muršič (5 ECTS)
Course description:
Contemporary life is characterised by phenomena of popular culture, therefore the course offers epistemological tools and methods in order to challenge vivid everyday life. Students will achieve basic knowledge of history and structure of popular culture and ways of its appearance, duration and change both at local and trans-national levels as well as in global frame.
Exam: written essay in English.
Timetable: The course will be organized in a block of lectures. Timetable will be announced.

NOTE: All lectures take place at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Zavetiška 5 in Ljubljana. For additional information about lectures in English for foreign students in study year 2010/2011 contact dept. coordinator or course lecturer. Some of the courses will use e-learning system (https://e-ucenje.ff.uni-lj.si/login/).

All queries are to be directed to dr. Jaka Repič, international coordinator of the department by mail or preferably, in person during his contact hours.


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