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Department of Ethnology
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Defences of Theses

24. 11. 2015
Master thesis defence

četrtek, 3. decembra 2015 bo ob 9.00v P1 zagovarjal magistrsko delo v okviru programa Creole/Kreol kolega (On ... more »

26. 10. 2015
Master thesis defence

On Monday, November 2, 2015, at 13.00, in P4, Creole student Petra Božič will defend her master thesis:     Shifting Frames, Shifting Perceptions: The ... more »

31. 12. 2013
Defence of MA thesis: Lior Volinz

On January 6, at 14.40, in P4, you are kindly invited to attend the defence of the Master thesis by Lior Volinz on Challenges to National Identities: a Comparative Analysis of Anti-War Activism in Israel and Serbia. ... more »

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