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Durham Antrhopologoy Journal - Call for papers

Beyond post-socialism?
Resistance, creativity and change in the corners of Eurasia

Extended submission deadline 31 December, 2008

The second decade since the collapse of communist regimes in Central, East and South-East Europe is slowly coming to a close and it is now time to look back to the socio-cultural changes within the region in both more depth and breadth. Durham Anthropology Journal (DAJ) invites submissions dealing with the concept of  'post-socialism' in a broad sense. The aim of this monothematic journal issue is to critically reassess disciplinary, spatial, as well as thematic boundaries of the anthropology of post-socialism. The guest editor of DAJ for the issue is David Henig.

Particularly, we welcome papers focused on:

  1. New research perspectives and themes
    How to approach various practices and continuities (e.g. anthropology of consumption, rhetoric culture as a means of approaching post-socialism, closer dialogue between anthropologists and historians)
  2. Spatiality of 'post-socialism'
    Does the concept of 'post-socialism' have any spatial boundaries? If so, what are the criteria for inclusion/exclusion ?
  3. Reflexivity of research
    How is anthropological knowledge on 'post-socialism' produced? How should fieldwork in post-socialist Eurasia be carried out? 

Submissions and queries send to David Henig: david.henig@durham.ac.uk 

Durham Anthropology Journal facilitates the dissemination of research ideas to the academic community at large for comment and criticism with a view towards improving them prior to submission to peer-reviewed publications. This may include experimental ways of disseminating ideas which capitalize on the multimedia potential of the internet. Thus the inclusion of video, audio, still image and meta data as well as data stored in databases or spreadsheets can be integrated with the text of the paper.
For further information please visit http://www.dur.ac.uk/anthropology.journal/DAJ.html


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