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The International Student Anthropology Journal - Imponderabilia

Eager to share your experiences, ideas and articles with an international network of student anthropologists?Interested in being involved in an international and creative student project and having your work published? Then contribute to IMPONDERABILIA, a new student-run anthropology journal based in Cambridge University (UK) which aims to combine student perspectives and research from students in Anthropology Departments and Universities all over the world. It is an interdisciplinary and creative publication which will be released in February 2009 and disseminated internationally.The content of the journal will reflect your interests. Write an anthropologically inspired film-review, interview your professor,  submit an article on your internship or some research you have undertaken, critique or comment on an ethnography, discuss those tricky theories that always confuse students, or talk about what it is like to study anthropology. 

Contributions do not necessarily need to be purely academic, but could also mix the academic with the practical and explore the questions anthropology is asking. We want to encourage interdisciplinary approaches and make the journal accessible to everybody interested in anthropology as well as students thinking of studying anthropology in University.

Imponderabilia (a word coined by the Anthropologist Malinowski) are those aspects of life which cannot be precisely determined, measured or evaluated and have to be observed in their full actuality. We are
looking for YOUR observations, thoughts and research through:

- ARTICLES (1200 words) on culture, religion, research, science, philosophy, ethics, art, law, human rights, politics etc
- Short articles on what it is like to study anthropology in your univeristy
- Reflections on 'Anthropology at Home' 
- Photography, illustrations and fieldnotes
- Interviews of professors/students
- Editors for sections (you will work in collaboration with students in other universities on something of common interest)
- Websites, information on other student journals and on student conferences to create an international network. 

We are also looking for motivated people to be student representatives for their University 

CONTACT - journal.imponderabilia@googlemail.com if you want to be on the mailing list, have ideas or want more information and to request copies of the journal. If you would like to write, please tell us as soon as possible (even if you are still choosing your topic)! We would also love to hear from you if you are already working on a student publication in your University and would like to liaise with us.


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