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2016 Maynooth University Ethnography Winter School

The Department of Anthropology at Maynooth University is pleased to announce its 2016 Winter School in Ethnography, 25 to 29 January 2016.  The school will bring together postgraduate students, professional researchers, and others for focused reflection on ethnography today.  Offered as a 5 credit postgraduate module, and delivered over one week, the school will be structured as a workshop or ‘laboratory,’ enabling students, established scholars, and others to work through challenges and opportunities related to their own research and writing projects in dialogue and critical engagement with each other.  Procedures may be available for students from Irish universities beyond Maynooth to receive credit for their work.  People can also participate in the course without officially enrolling for credit.  It is the hope of the Department of Anthropology that making the School open in this manner will attract a wide variety of ethnographers enabling vigorous debate and rigorous analysis.


Featured scholars in 2016:

Don Kulick (University of Uppsala) 

Ciara Kierans (University of Liverpool)

Kalpana Shankar (School of Information and Communication Studies, UCD)

Karen Till (Department of Geography, NUI Maynooth)

Rebecca King O'Riain (Sociology, NUI Maynooth)

Plus staff members of Maynooth’s Department of Anthropology


Course description:

AN862:  Ethnography Winter School

This module is an advanced introduction to ethnography.  The course is delivered in a burst-format over one week, and features the collaborative teaching of practicing ethnographers, including both academics and professional researchers, on the island of Ireland.  ‘Ethnography’ is more than a ‘method’:  it comprises a whole style of thought encompassing forms of observation, analysis, and writing.  The module therefore emphasises analysis and theory in addition to the research practices (interviewing, participant observation, note-taking) conventionally associated with qualitative research methodology.  Themes covered include:  culture and difference, contexts and cases (working in NGOs, clinics, corporations), styles of representation and the politics of knowledge, research ethics and ethnographic engagement.  The module is also structured as a workshop, so that ethnographers at various stages of their careers -- from students planning proposals, to dissertation writers analysing previously collected material, to research professionals who may not be based in academia -- will be able to produce work within the module that relates to their respective career stages, locations, and goals.  This work, such as a proposal draft or a stretch of ethnographic writing, forms the basis for module assessment.


Course Location and Schedule:

The Winter School will meet Maynooth University campus from 10AM to 5PM, with appropriate breaks, from Monday to Friday, 25 to 29 January 2016.  A more detailed timetable can be obtained by contacting the course convener (as indicated below).


The course is co-convened by Drs. Mark Maguire and Thomas Strong.  It is important for students and others interested in enrolling in the course, including those from outside Maynooth University who may wish to receive credit for their participation, to contact Thomas Strong by 18 December at:  thomas.strong@nuim.ie


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