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Lectures and Classes

Lectures for foreign students, 2009/2010 (2nd semester)

Foreign students are welcome to attend lectures at our department.

Generally there are two options:
1. Attending regular lectures (in Slovene) combined with individual consultations.
2. Attending additional lectures, organized in English. As these lectures are additional and part of the Creole program, there may be some limitations in available places.

Available lectures:
Anthropology of Popular Music, prof. dr. Muršič
Tuesday 23.3.2010, 14.40-19.30, lecture room P4
Friday 26.3.2010, 9.40-12.50, lecture room P4
Friday 2.4.2010, 9.40-12.50, lecture room P4

- detailed information: http://etnologija.etnoinfolab.org/en/informacija.asp?id_meta_type=79&id_informacija=2065

Historical Anthropology, dr. Hudales
Monday 10.5.2010, 9.40-12.55, lecture room P1
Tuesday 11.5.2010, 13.00-16.15, lecture room P3
Wednesday 12.5.2010, 13.00-16.15, lecture room P1
Monday 17.5.2010, 9.40-12.55, lecture room P1
Tuesday 18.5.2010, 13.00-16.15, lecture room P3
Wednesday 19.5.2010, 13.00-16.15, lecture room P1

Urban and Transnational Anthropology, dr. Repič
(the course is full)
Mondays 11:20-13:00, lecture room P3

Anthropology of Tourism, visiting prof. dr. Nogues Pedregal
(the course is full)

Lectures in a block between 5 and 16 April 2010. Timetable will be announced later.
Limitations: 5 foreign students.

NOTE: All lectures take place at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Zavetiška 5 in Ljubljana.

For additional information about lectures in English for foreign students in study year 2009/2010 see attachment.

All queries are to be directed to dr. Jaka Repič, international coordinator of the department by mail or preferably, during his contact hours.


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