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The 7th MASN Conference ´Ethics and Human Rights in Anthropological Perspective´!

The 7th MASN Conference 'Ethics and Human Rights in Anthropological Perspective'!

Conference takes place in Krzy¿owa, Poland
March 24th – 28th 2010

Conference days will be divided in morning (papers presentation) and afternoon (roundtable discussions, workshops) sessions as well as fringe events (excursions, exhibitions, performances, films and other) in the evening. Each of the full conference days will be devoted to one of the subtopics:

  1. Anthropology of Development
  2. Fieldwork Dilemmas
  3. Human Rights – Relativity and Universalism of Categories

Anthropology of Development:
Development, a term which evolved from western idea of progress is nowadays widely used to describe the improvement of human living conditions. What we would like to discuss is, how the idea of development influences various cultures, and how it is influenced by them, and finally, what is the price we pay for development. We are interested in comparative studies of the idea of development as well as in fieldwork experiences of young researches.

Fieldwork Dilemmas:
For this subtopic we invite papers, workshops and roundtables concerning the dilemmas ahtropologists face while researching cultures which axiological systems are totally different from their own and strategies they develop to cope with the disonance. Young anthropologists presenting their papers on their own ethical dilemmas during the fieldwork would be much favoured.

Human Rights – Relativity and Universalism of Categories:
Are Human Rights an universal set of principles valid for every human being, despite their creed, colour and culture, as they are meant to? Or are they just another form of western colonialism? Shall the antropologist protect these values or rather accept cultural norms which contradict them, no matter how oppressive they are? Is relativity of qualities all that we are left with in the multitude of cultures or can we speak about uniersality of some of them? On the third day we will try to propose answers to some of those questions.

Structure of the Conference:

The morning sessions will allow the presentation of 3 papers. Each selected presenter will be given 20 minutes for his/her presentation, which is planned to be followed by a discussion of up to 30 minutes. There will also be room for short breaks between presentations.

The afternoon sessions are open for Roundtable discussions (approx. 2 hours long) headed by one or two selected moderators, who may provide further space for picking up on discussions from the morning sessions. Additionally there will be workshops (2-4 hours long) organized by selected participants.

Furthermore additional events will give space for exhibitions, performances, the development of radio programs, film and theatre projects, or other ideas.

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MASN Poland: www.masn-poland.cba.pl
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