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Conferences and other Events

Dialektus Festival: European Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival

Dialektus Festival
European Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival
Budapest, 2010, March 3-9.

Enter your documentary into the competition or into the student film competition of the festival!
Submissions deadline: 2009, September 25.
Payer submissions deadline: 2009, October 9.
Some of the films we saw this March are still in our mind's eye, however we are already preparing for next year's festival. At any given time we may recall the neon coloured sculpture of Rhunama, the so-called Holy Book manifesting the megalomania of the Turkman dictator, as well as remembering the Palestinian sportsmen and –women practising with track tires for the Olympic Games in Beijing, or the overcrowded elevator of ’Chicago block’ in the outskirts of Antwerp, the mature hippies who refused to return to welfare society after the sixties and seventies India-mania…
These stories now belong to us too! We own them all, because we have seen them, we could laugh and cry, fret, remember and live together with people we would never have got to know without documentaries and the people who made them…
We ate up the world this March, but that feast is long over and unfortunately (or even fortunately) our appetites are whetted again, and admittedly we're already looking out for next year's menu...
Give us more!
This year we had 47 films from 17 countries in competition, all of them were (and still are!) available in the archive of DocuArt Shed, one of the festival's locations.
Our aim for next years March is to surprise and delight the audience with at least as many splendid documentaries on Dialektus Festival 2010. For this we hardly need more than for auteurs to make their films and then… send them to us.
From now on we’re awaiting entries for Europe’s most creative and keen documentary film competition!
If you are a filmmaker and you have a documentary film made in 2007 or later, we hope to receive your entry before 25 September, 2009!
Are you a notorious latecomer? Do not give up! It is possible to send us your application until the 9th of October 2009 on the understanding that you must pay a default fee.
Like in previous years, we reserve a separate category for student films. Watch out: competition is pretty tough in the “Student Work” section! 
Direct access to the application form:
Attracting ever more attention both in Hungary and throughout Europe, Dialektus Festival pays special attention to creating opportunities for filmmakers and other trade representatives to meet each other and their audience on professional forums, targeted, thematical events besides creating an informal, inspiring, buoyant festival-atmosphere. All because we need documentaries and documentary needs us too: to discover its priceless values, to point out to the possibilities it carries, to celebrate it, to talk about it – to treat it as well as it deserves. This is our way of encouraging dialogue between European filmmakers of different countries and different cultural backgrounds, to boost the popularity and strenghten the distribution of the documentary film.

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