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Uršula Lipovec Čebron

Uršula Lipovec Čebron, PhD
Associate professor
Deputy of Head

E: ursula.lipovec@gmail.com 
T: +386 1 241 15 24


Uršula Lipovec Čebron is an assistant professor at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Ljubljana, where she lectures courses for B.A. (Ethnology of Americas, Symbolic anthropology, Anthropology of migration) and M.A. level (Medical anthropology, Contemporary migration, ethnic minorities and citizenship) and carries mentorships for B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. thesis.  Her research interests are in the areas of anthropology of migration and medical anthropology, with special focus on migration and health issues. In her recent scientific articles she deals with health aspects of migration as well as cultural and other barriers to healthcare access (“(Im)mobile populations and health rights: accessing the healthcare system in Slovenia”, 2018;  “’When Urgent Becomes Non-Urgent’: Researching Health Aspects of Migration in Slovenia”, 2017; “Illusion about universal access to healthcare: people without citizenship, precarious workers, poor as uninsured persons”, 2015 etc.)., she is a co-editor of publications (Meanders of Medical Anthropology, 2017; Balkan Migration Route, 2016; Stories of Erased Citizens, 2011; Once upon an Erasure, 2007) and author of an medical-anthropological book Crossroads of health and illness: traditional and complementary medicines in Istria. 

Areas of Competence

Anthropology of Migration, Medical Anthropology, Ethnology of America, Symbolic Anthropology.

Research Interest

medical anthropology, anthropology of migration, nationalism, racism, anthropological studies of Latin America (especially in Chile and Argentina), anthropology of body, symbolic anthropology, anthropological theory and methodology of anthropological research.


(Full bibliography online)

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5. Lipovec Čebron, Uršula
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