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Rajko Muršič

Rajko Muršič, PhD
professor (cultural anthropology)
E: rajko.mursic@ff.uni-lj.si 
T: +386-1-241 15 30

»Office hours« with prof. Rajko Muršič are now going online, every Tuesday from 18.00-19.00. Please contact professor by mail before the »meeting« to arrange details for live online conversation.



Born in Maribor, 1963; BA in ethnology and philosophy (1991), MA in cultural anthropology (1995), PhD in ethnology (1998). In 2009 he was elected full professor. He worked as a part-time journalist and redactor (1986-1998), served as the chief editor of the journal Glasnik SED and its monographs collection (1994-1997). He was a founder and the first editor of the monograph series Zupaničeva knjižnica (1999-2002). He is a member of more than a dozen international and domestic professional associations (IUAES, EASA, IASPM; a founder member of the Slovenian Ethnological and Anthropological Association Kula), bodies and editorial boards and is active in organisation of international conferences and summer schools (Mess; Easa; Konitsa Summer School in Anthropology, Ethnography and Comparative Folklore of the Balkans; Border Crossings Network).


BA studies: Methodology in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology; Theories of Culture, Identities and Ways of Life; Kinship and Social Structure; seminars on related topics.

MA studies: Epistemology of Daily Life; Anthropology of Popular Music; Popular Cultures

PhD studies: Methodological Challenges in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology.


Fields of Research

epistemology and methodology; anthropology in Europe; theory of culture; anthropology of music (popular music); urban anthropology; anthropology of space and place; popular culture; theory of science; identification processes; racism; theories of practice; sensorial anthropology; organizational culture, etc.



Slovenia, Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (Poland, Germany, Serbia, Macedonia); Japan, transnational intercultural interactions.



(Full bibliography online)

Monographs (in Slovene):

1. Neubesedljive zvočne igre: od filozofije k antropologiji glasbe. [Non-verbal Sound Games: from Philosophy to Anthropology of Music.] Katedra, Maribor 1993.

2. Center za dehumanizacijo: etnološki oris rock skupine. [Centre for Dehumanisation: Ethnological Description of the Rock Group.] Frontier and ZKO, Pesnica 1995.

3. V sen sem jih videl. [In the Dreams I Saw them – Photo-stories of CZD.] Frontier and ZKD Pesnica, Pesnica 1999. (Collaboration with CZD.)

4. Trate vaše in naše mladosti: Zgodba o mladinskem in rock klubu. [Trate: The Story of the Youth and Rock Club.] Subkulturni azil, Ceršak 2000.

5. Metodologija preučevanja načinov življenja: temelji raziskovalnega dela v etnologiji ter socialni in kulturni antropologiji. [Methodology in Studies of Ways of Life: Basic Principles of Research in Ethnology and Social/Cultural Anthropology.] Znanstvena založba, Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 2011.

6. Napravi sam: nevladna samonikla prizorišča, tvornost mladih in medgeneracijsko sodelovanje. [Do It Yourself: Non-Governmental Grass-Roots Youth Centres, Youth Creativity and Intergenerational Collaboration.] Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete, Ljubljana 2011.

7. Na trdna tla. Brezsramni pregled samoniklih prizorišč in premislek nevladja mladinskega polja. Ustanova nevladnih mladinskega polja Pohorski bataljon, Tolmin 2012. [On the solid ground: analysis of grassroots venues and youth non-governmental field in Slovenia.]

8. Glasbeni pojmovnik za mlade. Založba Aristej, Maribor 2017. [Music Glossary forthe Youth.]


Edited volumes:

1. Razvoj slovenske etnologije od Štreklja in Murka do sodobnih etnoloških prizadevanj. Zbornik prispevkov s kongresa, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom, 24.-27.oktober 1995. [Development of the Slovene Ethnology since Štrekelj and Murko Till Contemporary Ethnological Undertakings. Ljubljana: Slovene Ethnological Society.] (Co-edited by Mojca Ramšak.) Slovensko etnološko društvo (Knjižnica Glasnika SED 23), Ljubljana 1995. [In Slovene]

2. Prejudices and Stereotypes in the Social Sciences and Humanities; Didactic Experiences in the Introducing of Novelties in the Ethnological Curricula. Etnološka stičišča/Ethnological Contacts 5 & 7. (Co-edited by Božidar Jezernik.) Znanstveni inštitut Filozofske fakultete, Ljubljana 1997. [In English]

3. MESS: Mediterranean Ethnological Summer School. Vol. 3. Piran/Pirano, Slovenia 1997 and 1998. (Co-edited by Zmago Šmitek.) Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 1999. [In English]

4. Cultural Processes and Transformations in Transition of the Central and Eastern European Post-Communist Countries. Etnološka stičišča/Ethnological Contacts/Zbieżności etnologiczne 9. (Co-edited by Borut Brumen.) Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 1999. [In English]

5. MESS: Mediterranean Ethnological Summer School. Vol. 5. Piran/Pirano, Slovenia 2001 and 2002. (Co-edited by Irena Weber.) Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 2003.

6. Europe and its Other: Notes on the Balkans. (Co-edited by Božidar Jezernik and Alenka Bartulović.) Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 2007.

7. Places of Encounter: In memoriam Borut Brumen. (Co-edited by Jaka Repič.) Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 2007.

8. Prostori soočanja in srečevanja: Spominski zbornik za Boruta Brumna. [Places of Encounter: In the memory of Borut Brumen.] (Co-edited by Katja Hrobat.) Univerza v Ljubljani, Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete, Ljubljana 2008.

9. Niko Zupanič, njegovo delo, čas in prostor: spominski zbornik ob 130-letnici rojstva dr. Nika Zupaniča. [Niko Zupanič, His Work, Time and Space: Memorial Collection at his 130th Annivarsary.] (Co-edited by Mihaela Hudelja.) Univerza v Ljubljani, Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete, Ljubljana 2009.


Papers (selection)

1. The Yugoslav Dark Side of Humanity: A View from a Slovene Blind Spot.' In Neighbors at War: Anthropological Perspectives on Yugoslav Ethnicity, Culture, and History. Joel M. Halpern and David A. Kideckel, eds. The Pennsylvania State University Press, University Park 2000, pp. 56-77.

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3. In the Arms of the Sublime Objects of Desire: On Politics and Anthropology/Ethnology in Slovenia.' In A Post-Comunist Millenium: The Struggles for Sociocultural Anthropology in Central and Eastern Europe. Prague Studies in Sociocultural Anthropology 2. Petr Skalník, ed. Set Out, Prague 2002, pp. 147-165.

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5. 'The Balkans and Ambivalence of its Perception in Slovenia: the Horror of “Balkanism” and Enthusiasm for its Music.' In: Europe and its Other: Notes on the Balkans. Božidar Jezernik, Rajko Muršič, and Alenka Bartulović, eds. Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 2007, pp. 87-105.

6. 'Contested/Reified Symbols and the Eclipse of the Critical Reason: Some Remarks on Socialist and Post-socialist Culture, Ideology, Religion, and Freedom in Slovenia – and Around.' In: Places of Encounter: In memoriam Borut Brumen. Rajko Muršič and Jaka Repič, eds. Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 2007, pp. 131-150.

7. 'Ambiguities of Identification and Alterity from the Perspective of Popular Culture: A Few Examples from former Yugoslavia.' In: Balkan Border Crossings: First Annual of the Konitsa Summer School. Vssilis Nitsiakos, Ioannis Manos, Georgios Agelopoulos, Aliki Angelidou andVassilis Dalkavoukis, eds. Lit Verlag, Berlin and Münster 2008, pp. 86-104.

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