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Boštjan Kravanja

Boštjan Kravanja, PhD 
E: bostjan.kravanja@ff.uni-lj.si 
T: +386 1 241 15 22


He was born in 1972. He graduated on the Department of Ethnology and Cultural anthropology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana in 1999. He finished AM in 2002. Currently he is Phd candidate in Cultural Anthropology on the same department, his study is about anthropological investigation of the south Asian island Sri Lanka. He is assistant lecturer from 2001. Founder of the section Ethos (Student Cultural Centre in Ljubljana), member of the Organizing Committee of the Ethnological Mediterranean Summer School in Piran (2002 – 2006) and Ljubljana (2007), member of the Slovenian Ethnological Association and Development Association of Breginjski kot (north-western Slovenia). Beside the mentorship at the numerous student ethnological workshops in Slovenia (Breginj, May 1999 and October 1999, Kozjansko 2000, 2001, Pohorje 2003), he leaded ethnological section of the workshops of the Service Civil International (SCI) in the frame of the Student Cultural Centre –section Breginj-Kobarid in the village of Robidišče (1996-2000).

Pedagogical work

He leads the seminar of Anthropology of Religion, and the following tutorials: Ethnology of Asia, Mass Media and Public Relations, Psychological Anthropology and Regional Studies.

Fields of Research

Anthropology of Religion: cultures of modern Sri Lanka, global processes, religious practices. Anthropology of Space and Place: spatial symbolism, mythological and sacred landscape, spatial cognition. Theory of ethnography and fieldwork.

Regional interests

South Asia, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, North-West Slovenia
Ethnographic Researches
Sri Lanka 2003 – 2006
Macedonia 2003 – 2007Bibliography


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