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Enrolment procedure

2. 09. 2011

With apologies for some confusion, here are basic instructions for the enrolment for the Creole programme.

You will use four different web-pages before you will complete the procedure for the enrolment.

All the needed information about the content of the programme at University of Ljubljana is available at web-page of the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology which is the partner in the joint program.

Here you will get general information about the programme which was accredited in Slovenia, the timetable of lectures and the description of courses and requirements.

Information for enrolment procedure and on-line enrolment is located at the web-page of the Faculty of Arts, while information about exchange and study programs at partner universities is available at the main web-page of the programme Creole at the University of Vienna.

Before submitting the forms and papers to the Faculty of Arts, please double-check if you have all necessary forms and information ready:

1. Common enrolment form for the program Creole, available at the web-page of the coordinator, University of Vienna, in Word, and common admission information in pdf format.

2. CV (short biography; half a page).

3. Confirmation of your previous study (BA diploma). In the case you need recognition of the diploma, you should apply for the recognition early enough to have it ready in September (if only possible, no later than June; the nostrification process should not take more than two months - here you can find further information in English).

4. Confirmation of the proficiency in English or proves of previous study programme in English.

5. A letter of recommendation. It does not have a required form.

6. Draft of the study plan (preferences for the Creole pillars and elective courses; plan of field research). It should be very general overview (a couple of paragraphs - it will be changed and improved in the course of study and research.)

7. Motivation letter. Explain your personal motivation for the study and, especially, your expectations in doing fieldwork; as well as your previous knowledge of the field of social anthropology. (If not already stated in the Creole enrolment form or the draft of the study plan, please add additional eventual topics and regions of interest; options for mobility with two partner institutions named, the first one as a priority, the second one as possible other option, and preferable advisors at home and visiting institution.) It should not be longer than one page.

Everything else you will accomplish with the on-line registration/application for the programme at the Faculty of Arts.

Those who are not citizens of EU and will pay the tuition fee will have to fulfil the form with the statement of its payment. 

Deadline for the application is September 10. Online application at the Faculty of Arts is essential for the enrolment.

But note:

Parts of the program require fieldwork practice and trips/excursions to particular locations. The university cannot cover the costs for these trips. These costs are variable, and may reach several hundred EUR per year.


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