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Curriculum and Course Syllabuses

1st year

 Semester 1

 Epistemology of Everyday Life  9
 Current Trends in Social and Cultural
 Anthropology of the Mediterranean     6
 Ethnology of the Balkans  6
 European Traditional Folk Beliefs    3



 Semester 2

Optional Module 1*  15
 Intensive Programme  10
 Lecturer exchange with partner universities   5



2nd year

 Semester 3

 Optional Module 2*                                          15
 Fieldwork for Master's thesis                 15



 Semester 4

 Master's Seminar  5
 Master's Thesis  20
 Defence of Thesis                               5



*Courses (optional courses, lectures by lecturers from partner universities, intensive programme) can be carried out in the 2nd semester of the first year as well as the 1st semester of the second year.

Students have to choose two modules of the CREOLE programme (out of three offered). In each module 15 ECTS have to be acquired at one of the partner universities, therefore 30 ECTS in two modules.

Module New identities

Anthropology and Politics in Africa (5 ECTS)
Anthropology of Violence (5 ECTS)
Anthropology of Globalization (5 ECTS)
Anthropology of Law (5 ECTS)
Anthropology of Religion (5 ECTS)
Current Migrations, Citizenship and Ethnic Minorities (5 ECTS)
Gender, Work and Reproduction in Intercultural Perspective (5 ECTS)
Intercultural Communication (5 ECTS)
Political Anthropology (5 ECTS)

Module Material Culture and Consumption

Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (5 ECTS)

Anthropology of Space and Place (5 ECTS)
Current Museology (5 ECTS)
Ethnology of European Postsocialist Countries (5 ECTS)
Ethnological Regional Studies in Slovenia (5 ECTS)
Historical Anthropology (5 ECTS)
Material Culture (5 ECTS)
Modern Conservation (5 ECTS)

Module Visual Culture and Popular Culture

Anthropology of Body and Movement (5 ECTS)
Anthropology of Popular Music (5 ECTS)
Popular Cultures (5 ECTS)
Urban and Transnational Anthropology (5 ECTS)
Visual in Anthropology (5 ECTS)


Course Syllabuses

(Valid from study year 2016/17)

Course syllabuses are attainable at this link. 

Curriculum and courses on partner universities

Vienna, University of Vienna, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

France, University of Lumière Lyon II, Department of Anthropology

Ireland, National University of Irealand, Maynooth, Department of Social Anthropology

Poland, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology

Spain, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Sweden, Stockholm University, Department of Social Anthropology

Switzerland, University of Bern, Department of Social Anthropology


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