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University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Arts
Department of Ethnology
and Cultural Anthropology
Aškerčeva 2
SI-1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 (1) 241 15 20
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The Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology has been running new bologna programmes since study year 2008/2009.

Foreign students are welcome to attend lectures at our department. Generally there are two options:

- Attending regular lectures (in Slovene) combined with individual consultations. http://etnologija.etnoinfolab.org/sl/informacija.asp?id_meta_type=71&id_informacija=538 

- Attending additional lectures, organised in English: http://etnologija.etnoinfolab.org/en/informacija.asp?id_meta_type=82&id_informacija=5975  


All queries are to be directed to dr. Sarah Lunaček Brumen, international coordinator of the department by mail or preferably, during his contact hours.



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