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Violence and Art

Lectures and Classes

Anthropology of Popular Music: final announcement

Creole and Erasmus students are invited to attend classes in Anthropology of Popular Music. All the necessary information about the requrements, reading list, the exam, and some study material are available in e-classroom at the address  http://e-ucenje.ff.uni-lj.si/. After registration you will need the enrollment key – for the key, please contact Rajko Mursic (rajko.mursic@ff.uni-lj.si).

Lectures will take place in the lecturing room P4 at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Zavetiška 5 in Ljubljana on Tuesday, 23rd March, between 14:40 and 19.30; Friday, 26th March, and Friday, 2nd April 2010, between 9:40 and 12:50.

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Lectures for Foreign Students in 2018/19

Foreign students are welcome to attend lectures at our department. Generally,... more »

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