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Mojca Ramšak

Mojca Ramšak, PhD 
Full Professor and Senior Research Fellow
E: mojca.ramsak@guest.arnes.si



Mojca Ramšak (1969, Maribor, Slovenia), PhD in ethnology from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; Full Professor and Senior Research Fellow. She is a researcher, postgraduate professor and writer in the field of ethnology, cultural/social anthropology and folklore, which go beyond the current disciplinary practice, with the focus on applied research and the use of critical, experimental and traditional forms of qualitative inquiry in the interests of social justice, dignity and human rights.

Dr. Ramšak has degrees from University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Slovenia. She got a bachelor’s degree in 1993 (BA in Ethnology and Professor of Philosophy), Master’s degree in 1997 (M.A. in Ethnology) and Doctor’s degree in 2000 (PhD in Ethnology).

She was awarded with pedagogical titles Full Professor of Anthropology (2014), Associate Professor (2009–2014) and Assistant Professor (2004–2009) by ISH, Ljubljana (today AMEU–ISH, Ljubljana). She was awarded with scientific and research titles by SRC SASA and again the University of Ljubljana.


Field of Research

Her main research interests were: ethnology, cultural/social anthropology, folklore, oral history, lexicography, ethics, qualitative inquiry, medical anthropology, anthropology of everyday life, anthropology of gender, business anthropology, honour and good name, culture/heritage of wine. Topics of her research were dedicated to the Slovene minority in Austria, liminal identities, honour and good name, shame, psycho-terror at work, social and cultural perceptions of breast cancer, quality of life, social cohesion, social welfare, ethnological lexicology, qualitative methodology, especially mixed methods, research ethics, applied anthropology, cultural brand management and rituals in marketing.

She was a project leader and contributor of 378 entries on Slovene ethnology, methodology and history in Leksikon etnologije Slovencev/Lexicon of Slovene Ethnology (Ljubljana 2004, second edition 2007, third edition 2011); she had published in English language encyclopedias: The Greenwood Encyclopedia of World Folklore and Folklife (2006), The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairy tales (2008); The Sage Encyclopedia of Play (2009); she published articles at Lit Verlag, Cambridge Scholars, Springer, etc.
She co-founded the Centre for Biographical Research in Ljubljana (2001). She had conference lectures in Europe and USA, she was invited lecturer at universities in Vienna (1995), Łodž, Poland (1995), Zagreb, Croatia (1996), Klagenfurt, Austria (1998), St. Petersburg, Russia (2000), Bratislava, Slovakia (2003, 2011, 2013), Salzburg, Austria (2009).

She was an editor or co-editor of 10 publications, series or journals, published in Slovenia, Austria or Italy: Bulletin and book series of Slovene Ethnological Society (Ljubljana, 1994–1998, five books); Bulletin of Slovene Ethnological Society (Ljubljana, 1994–1998, fourteen numbers of the journal); Unterwegs ins Dorf (Klagenfurt, Austria, 1993–1994, two books); Mediterranean Ethnological Summer School (Piran, Slovenia, 1994–1995); Studi Slavi (Pisa, Italy, Klagenfurt, Austria, 1997); Slovene Ethnological Lexicon (Ljubljana, 2004, 2007, 2011); Življenjske pripovedi iz Ribniške doline / Life-stories from Ribnica Valley, (Ribnica, 2003), Emzin (Ljubljana, 2009).

She was a member of editorial board of the scientific journal Etnolog (2003–2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia), she is a member of editorial board of International Review of Qualitative Research (Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, 2008–), as well as the member of international professional associations (American Folklore Society; Kula, Slovene Ethnological and Anthropological Society; Societé Internationale d´Ethnologie et de Folklore; European Association of Social Anthropology; International Association of Qualitative Inquiry). She is the chair of Ethical Committee at The Slovene Ethnological Society (2007–) and a member of research evaluation committees in Slovenia and Europe (2007–). She was the member of The Journalist's Court of Honour of Slovenia (2011–2013). From 2006 to 2012 she was the chair of the postgraduate study programme of Anthropology of everyday life at ISH, Ljubljana Graduate School for the Humanities.



Dr. Ramšak published several books in Slovene, English and Slovak language.

- That's how we lived: Life stories of Carinthian Slovenes 1–10: subject index, index of local names, index of personal names and index of house names, Klagenfurt 2002

- The Portrait of the Voices: The Research of Life-stories in Ethnology: The Case of Carinthian Slovenes. Ljubljana 2003

- Sacrifice of the Truth: The Spell of Slippery Discreet Indiscretions. Maribor 2006

- Družbeno-kulturne podobe raka dojk v Sloveniji = Social and cultural imagery of breast cancer in Slovenia. Ljubljana 2007 (Slovene and English bilingual book); Spoločensko-kultúrne reflexie rakoviny prsníika v Slovinsku. Bratislava 2013 (updated translation in Slovak language)

- Honour is not a burden. Maribor 2011

- Wine Queens: Understanding the Role of Women in Wine Marketing. Springer International Publishing 2015

Some of her scientific and professional full-text articles in Slovene are available at the Digital Library of Slovenia; Etnolog; Slovene Ethnological Society; Seminar of Slovene Language, Literature and Culture; Portal of scientific journals of Croatia.

(Full bibliography online)

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