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Rajko Muršič

Rajko Muršič, PhD
professor (cultural anthropology)
E: rajko.mursic@ff.uni-lj.si 
T: +386-1-241 15 30


In the study year 2017-2018, prof. Rajko Muršič will be on sabbatical leave and work at the University of Eastern Finland, so he will not give lectures and have office hours. He will do his advisory (mentorship) work only for graduate and post-graduate students. For urgent communication he will try to respond on mails in reasonable time. 



Born in Maribor, 1963; BA in ethnology and philosophy (1991), MA in cultural anthropology (1995), PhD in ethnology (1998). In 2009 he was elected full professor. He worked as a part-time journalist and redactor (1986-1998), served as the chief editor of the journal Glasnik SED and its monographs collection (1994-1997). He was a founder and the first editor of the monograph series Zupaničeva knjižnica (1999-2002). He is a member of more than a dozen international and domestic professional associations (vice-president of the IUAES, president of the Slovenian association Kula), bodies and editorial boards and is active in organisation of international conferences and summer schools (Mess; Easa; Konitsa Summer School in Anthropology, Ethnography and Comparative Folklore of the Balkans; Border Crossings Network).


BA studies: Methodology in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology; Theories of Culture, Identities and Ways of Life; Kinship and Social Structure; seminars on related topics.

MA studies: Epistemology of Daily Life; Anthropology of Popular Music; Popular Cultures

PhD studies: Methodological Challenges in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology.


Fields of Research

epistemology and methodology; anthropology in Europe; theory of culture; anthropology of music (popular music); urban anthropology; anthropology of space and place; popular culture; theory of science; identification processes; racism; theories of practice; anthropology of senses; organizational culture, etc.



Slovenia, Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (Poland, Germany, Serbia, Macedonia); Japan, transnational intercultural interactions.



(Full bibliography online)

Monographs (in Slovene):

1. Neubesedljive zvočne igre: od filozofije k antropologiji glasbe. [Non-verbal Sound Games: from Philosophy to Anthropology of Music.] Katedra, Maribor 1993.

2. Center za dehumanizacijo: etnološki oris rock skupine. [Centre for Dehumanisation: Ethnological Description of the Rock Group.] Frontier and ZKO, Pesnica 1995.

3. V sen sem jih videl. [In the Dreams I Saw them – Photo-stories of CZD.] Frontier and ZKD Pesnica, Pesnica 1999. (Collaboration with CZD.)

4. Trate vaše in naše mladosti: Zgodba o mladinskem in rock klubu. [Trate: The Story of the Youth and Rock Club.] Subkulturni azil, Ceršak 2000.

5. Metodologija preučevanja načinov življenja: temelji raziskovalnega dela v etnologiji ter socialni in kulturni antropologiji. [Methodology in Studies of Ways of Life: Basic Principles of Research in Ethnology and Social/Cultural Anthropology.] Znanstvena založba, Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 2011.

6. Napravi sam: nevladna samonikla prizorišča, tvornost mladih in medgeneracijsko sodelovanje. [Do It Yourself: Non-Governmental Grass-Roots Youth Centres, Youth Creativity and Intergenerational Collaboration.] Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete, Ljubljana 2011.

7. Na trdna tla. Brezsramni pregled samoniklih prizorišč in premislek nevladja mladinskega polja. Ustanova nevladnih mladinskega polja Pohorski bataljon, Tolmin 2012. [On the solid ground: analysis of grassroots venues and youth non-governmental field in Slovenia.]


Edited volumes:

1. Razvoj slovenske etnologije od Štreklja in Murka do sodobnih etnoloških prizadevanj. Zbornik prispevkov s kongresa, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom, 24.-27.oktober 1995. [Development of the Slovene Ethnology since Štrekelj and Murko Till Contemporary Ethnological Undertakings. Ljubljana: Slovene Ethnological Society.] (Co-edited by Mojca Ramšak.) Slovensko etnološko društvo (Knjižnica Glasnika SED 23), Ljubljana 1995. [In Slovene]

2. Prejudices and Stereotypes in the Social Sciences and Humanities; Didactic Experiences in the Introducing of Novelties in the Ethnological Curricula. Etnološka stičišča/Ethnological Contacts 5 & 7. (Co-edited by Božidar Jezernik.) Znanstveni inštitut Filozofske fakultete, Ljubljana 1997. [In English]

3. MESS: Mediterranean Ethnological Summer School. Vol. 3. Piran/Pirano, Slovenia 1997 and 1998. (Co-edited by Zmago Šmitek.) Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 1999. [In English]

4. Cultural Processes and Transformations in Transition of the Central and Eastern European Post-Communist Countries. Etnološka stičišča/Ethnological Contacts/Zbieżności etnologiczne 9. (Co-edited by Borut Brumen.) Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 1999. [In English]

5. MESS: Mediterranean Ethnological Summer School. Vol. 5. Piran/Pirano, Slovenia 2001 and 2002. (Co-edited by Irena Weber.) Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 2003.

6. Europe and its Other: Notes on the Balkans. (Co-edited by Božidar Jezernik and Alenka Bartulović.) Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 2007.

7. Places of Encounter: In memoriam Borut Brumen. (Co-edited by Jaka Repič.) Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 2007.

8. Prostori soočanja in srečevanja: Spominski zbornik za Boruta Brumna. [Places of Encounter: In the memory of Borut Brumen.] (Co-edited by Katja Hrobat.) Univerza v Ljubljani, Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete, Ljubljana 2008.

9. Niko Zupanič, njegovo delo, čas in prostor: spominski zbornik ob 130-letnici rojstva dr. Nika Zupaniča. [Niko Zupanič, His Work, Time and Space: Memorial Collection at his 130th Annivarsary.] (Co-edited by Mihaela Hudelja.) Univerza v Ljubljani, Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete, Ljubljana 2009.


Papers (selection)

1. The Yugoslav Dark Side of Humanity: A View from a Slovene Blind Spot.' In Neighbors at War: Anthropological Perspectives on Yugoslav Ethnicity, Culture, and History. Joel M. Halpern and David A. Kideckel, eds. The Pennsylvania State University Press, University Park 2000, pp. 56-77.

2. Local Feedback: Slovene Popular Music between the Global Market and Local Consumption.' In Heimatlose Klänge? Regionale Musiklandschaften – heute –. Thomas Phleps, ed. Beiträge zur Popularmusikforschung 29/30, Karben 2002, pp. 125-148.

3. In the Arms of the Sublime Objects of Desire: On Politics and Anthropology/Ethnology in Slovenia.' In A Post-Comunist Millenium: The Struggles for Sociocultural Anthropology in Central and Eastern Europe. Prague Studies in Sociocultural Anthropology 2. Petr Skalník, ed. Set Out, Prague 2002, pp. 147-165.

4. 'The Colourful Discourse of the Geographic Other: On Race and Racism in General Education (Slovenian Example).' In: Anthropology of Europe: Teaching and Research. Peter Skalník, ed. Prague Studies in Sociocultural Anthropology 3. Set Out, Prague 2005, pp. 37-50.

5. 'The Balkans and Ambivalence of its Perception in Slovenia: the Horror of “Balkanism” and Enthusiasm for its Music.' In: Europe and its Other: Notes on the Balkans. Božidar Jezernik, Rajko Muršič, and Alenka Bartulović, eds. Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 2007, pp. 87-105.

6. 'Contested/Reified Symbols and the Eclipse of the Critical Reason: Some Remarks on Socialist and Post-socialist Culture, Ideology, Religion, and Freedom in Slovenia – and Around.' In: Places of Encounter: In memoriam Borut Brumen. Rajko Muršič and Jaka Repič, eds. Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta, Ljubljana 2007, pp. 131-150.

7. 'Ambiguities of Identification and Alterity from the Perspective of Popular Culture: A Few Examples from former Yugoslavia.' In: Balkan Border Crossings: First Annual of the Konitsa Summer School. Vssilis Nitsiakos, Ioannis Manos, Georgios Agelopoulos, Aliki Angelidou andVassilis Dalkavoukis, eds. Lit Verlag, Berlin and Münster 2008, pp. 86-104.

8. 'Forefathers and Successors at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Ljubljana: Paths in the Development of Slovene Ethnology/Cultural Anthropology.' Studia Ethnologica Croatica 20(2008): 107-125.

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