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Registration, Delivery and Defence of the Master Thesis


Application for the Planned Master Thesis

The student apply for the topic of the MA thesis with the disposition. He or she submits the disposition, with approval of the home advisor, until the end of the first semester (15 January). In the disposition, he or she describes the research and fieldwork he or she will conduct at the host institution or institutions. The disposition of the thesis is aimed for planning his or her study exchange.

Before the actual writing of the thesis, but no later than at the beginning of the fourth semester (15 February), the student submits the final application for the master thesis to the departmental office (secretary). The form for the application, as well as other forms at the Faculty of Arts, is, unfortunately, available only in Slovene.

Delivery of the Master Thesis

At the web page of the Faculty of Arts the student can find all necessary information for the delivery of the Master thesis (see Pravilnik o magistrskem delu in zaključku študija na programih druge stopnje), its format and procedures before delivery. The study advisor (mentor) from the home institution has to sign the statement about the adequateness of the submitted thesis.

The student submits the Master thesis in one hard copy, one electronic copy (on CD-ROM) and at least two soft copies for the members of the review board. With delivery of the thesis he or she adds the statement of identity of printed and electronic copies of the thesis (see izjava o istovetnosti).

Defence of the Master Thesis

With delivery of the Master thesis the student adds the application for the defence (prijava).

At the defence, the student prepares 20-minutes presentation of the theisis, followed with the discussion of the board.


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